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AJR Audio is a professional technical services provider to the whole industry. With permanent staff that are  experienced professionals in their fields and a team that approach every event with a mindset of making it a masterpiece of excellence, we serve the market with pride. We are able to offer a high quality service with professional  gear that are used for international events. Ethical business practice is extremely important to us and we approach each and every job with integrity and professionalism.

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Our mission is to provide excellent technical services and equipment for events and productions in the areas of Sound, Lighting and Audio Visual. We provide the best quality of workmanship to our customers. Honesty and integrity forms an integral part of how we conduct our business. Meeting the needs of each individual is also a significant part of our core Values. To be passionate, hardworking and contributing greatly to customer satisfaction and success. To conduct business in a fair and honest way.

Our vision is to be leaders in the Sound, Lighting, and Equipment Hiring Industry in South Africa.

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